Wordermind is a word game like the old game Mastermind, but with words. It was created mostly for myself as the new Wordle crazy only lets you play one word a day. With this one you can play all day. Please remember to feed the cat.

You have six goes to find the word, and it gives you clues with each guess as to which letters are correct and in the right place, or correct but in the wrong place.

It’s still an early build - will most likely polish up the audio, improve stats with a histogram etc before releasing on the app stores. Note it will have the share feature of Wordle to show your result to friends (and people who hate seeing those on Twitter) without giving away the actual answer (unfortunately WebGL builds cannot access the system clipboard).

NOTE: It is still in a pre-release / alpha state and will change/improve over time.

Click on the image below to play Wordermind in your browser - even on mobile!

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