Lead Wars

Lead Wars is a turn-based strategy war game, where unlike most turn-based games you aren’t constrained to a grid.  You can move freely in any direction, the direction and distance being determined entirely by your physical skill.

It simulates a style of game played in the 70s and 80s, where you play on a real piece of paper and just use a pencil and your imagination to create the battlefield, units and rules of play.

You make your move by holding the top of a pencil pointing straight down on the paper. You apply pressure down and by tilting the pencil away from the desired direction it suddenly slips towards your desired direction and marks the paper. This line drawn determines your shot or move:

The video above shows this real-life mechanic actually played for real, which should explain it all much better! It ends with footage from the game to show how well replicates this mechanic using the touch screen.

In Lead Wars, two players take turns moving their tanks, planes and artillery units around the landscape, avoiding obstacles like rivers, lakes, trees and buildings in the hope to wipe out the all their enemy’s units before they do. 

In the real life version, you make your move, rub out the line and the tank where you started and draw it at the new position (or erase an enemy which you hit). In Lead Wars units move smoothly across the page and explode.  If you go off the page or into water then BOOM!  Planes can fly over obstacles, but are susceptible to mid-air collisions.

So the game saves you on expensive paper and erasers, time consuming rubbing out and the health and safety issues of flinging a pencil around the table. It should also save any arguments about the rules or whether that shot actually reached your opponent too!

See Lead Wars App Store Link for more details. The game is Universal, features Single Player vs-CPU, a full Campaign, two-player pass-n-play and Game Center online head-to-head and it’s a blast.

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For more details on the game and check out the description page: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lead-wars/id393340337


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