DemonStudios Ltd is a one-man indie game developer based in the UK, making games for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and SteamOS/Linux.

Its founder, chief game designer, lead programmer and preparer of tea is James Shaughnessy, who created the game Gravitation back in 1998 on a Net Yaroze, which made it onto the coverdisk of the Official PlayStation Magazine. Then, after 11 fantastic years working at Codemasters on various titles such as Pro Race Driver and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, left to return to his indie gamedev roots and founded DemonStudios Ltd.


There are lots of games in the works and countless different prototypes, but the first two games to be released are Lead Wars (an iOS exclusive), and due to popular demand an official sequel to the Net Yaroze game Gravitation, called Super Grav - out now on Steam (PC | Mac | Linux/SteamOS) and mobile (iOS and Android). The Steam version is the most advanced as the online Leaderboards support replay attachments so you can show off your record-breaking skills to the world! While you’re here, why not have a quick game of Wordermind - my take on the word guessing game craze! Free to play here on the website, and out now on Android / Google Play!

Games released & in-development:

Lead Wars is a simulation of a real life old-skool pencil and paper turn-based strategy and skill war game. You can play against the CPU, with a friend, or battle online head-to-head against people from around the world, and is out now!

Super Grav is out now on Steam (PC | Mac | Linux/SteamOS) and mobile (iOS and Android)!

Gravitation is a full updated port of the 1998 Net Yaroze game, playable here - the full game for free! And now supporting 4 players!

Super Grav (see above) contains all the levels and modes of Gravitation (it’s a superset of Gravitation), plus a whole lot more - so if you want to play with online leaderboards or on mobile check that out.

3D Spinner is the most realistic virtual fidget spinner app you can get! Featuring realistic physics, 3D graphics and sound, with 14 different spinners to choose from.

All 14 spinners are now included for free - as of v1.1 the IAP has been removed! A big thank you to those who paid in the past - without you apps just would not get made. Available now on iOS and Android!

XJ is a 2D off-roading sim coming soon to iOS and Android - a very early pre-alpha demo is playable right now in your browser (uses WebGL) which while far from finished should hopefully still be fun if you like this sort of game!

Fliptomino is a work-in-progress tetromino-flipping puzzler. A very early alpha test is playable in your browser right now, just click the image to go to the Fliptomino page.

Match Four is a Connect-4 style mini game for two players that was hidden in Gravitation (v1.3) on the PlayStation Net Yaroze version. And quite possibly in the latest PC and mobile versions of Super Grav too… 

Now ported to Unity, but using the original graphics and sound, it's available to play free here right in your web browser! (uses WebGL and currently runs on desktop PCs only)

Wordermind is a word game like the old game Mastermind, but with words. You have six goes to find the word, and it gives you clues with each guess as to which letters are correct and in the right place, or correct but in the wrong place. Play the full game now on the website or get it now on Google Play!

Logograph will be an educational app which uses the Logo language allowing you to draw complex shapes in 3D space, learn a bit about programming, and create some beautiful mathematical art. Development is on standby but I plan on rekindling this at some point.

In Logograph you give a turtle (literally) a simple set of movement instructions (such as Forward 50, Up 45, Left 90, Right 5) and he smoothly obeys your command in the 3D world in which he resides.  The game will have a full tutorial explaining in easy steps how to get the turtle to do what you want, and there will be a set of challenges for you to complete.

A page for the BBC micro:bit - featuring a handy Rubik’s Cube / Stack timer program you can try out in an emulator or on a real micro:bit, and also a brake/tail light for your bike, scooter or skateboard!

And here I am unwinding in Wales with a relaxing drive in an E30 M3 after a long day of game development :)

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