Gravitation was a game I made on the Net Yaroze, a programmable PlayStation, and published on the Official PlayStation Magazine’s coverdisc in 1998.

It has now been updated to v1.4+ and ported over to modern platforms, and for those who remember fondly but have lost your disc you can now play on PC, Mac, Linux or Android - the full game (and more) FREE! And it now supports up to 4 players. And there’s a nice bonus if you beat all 9 tracks’ demo times :D

v1.4 adds 4-player mode and some other cool new features added to the official sequel, Super Grav (out now on Steam, iOS and Android!) v1.4.2+ adds the ‘secret' game which was in v1.3 of the PlayStation version… (press LB+RB on two gamepads while in the front-end (or just press F4) to play a quick game of Match Four :D)

Download Gravitation v1.4.5 for PC

Download Gravitation v1.4.5 for Mac

Download Gravitation v1.4.5 for Linux

Download Gravitation v1.4.5 for Android (NEW!)

Or click the image below to play right in your browser! It now uses WebGL so now works on browsers that can’t install the Unity WebPlayer. WebGL still doesn’t work very well though, so the download versions above will run much more smoothly and bug-free.

The official sequel to Gravitation - Super Grav - out now!

Super Grav is the official sequel to this game, which being a superset of Gravitation, also contains all the original levels plus a whole lot more. So if you’d like to play Gravitation on Steam, iOS or Android, go and pick up Super Grav - it’s all there! (or click on the Super Grav tab at the top)

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